Sustainable Periods

On average, a woman will have around 500 periods. Imagine that woman uses tampons. Well, she could be using up to 20 tampons per cycle which is 240 tampons every year. That means, throughout her lifetime, the average woman will use almost 10,000 tampons which get thrown or flushed away while producing a huge amount of plastic waste from packaging and a carbon footprint from importing these products.

Now onto sanitary pads and pantyliners. The average woman uses around 5 pads during each period which adds up to 2,500 pads in total in their lifetime. These pads have a plastic lining which ends up clogging up landfills and unfortunately, often ending up in the oceans.
In Barcelona, I have found both tampons and sanitary pads floating in the sea with the swimmers. How can you be sure yours don’t end up there, too?

 tampon on beach

Well, if you’re looking for a way to get through that toughest week of the month, without contaminating the environment or forking out more money, look no further.

Reusables of every kind are making a comeback, sanitary products included.  One which although has been around for years, has in the last few years has become incredibly popular is the menstrual cup.

The menstrual cup is easy to use and can last years which in the end, saves you a tonne of money. You insert it and after a few hours, you empty the contents into the toilet and wash it out with warm water before reinserting it. This creates 0 waste. At the end of each cycle, you should boil it in order to re-sterilize it.


menstrual cup barcelona


Here is a picture of different methods of how to insert it. Some people get it right first time, some people need a couple of cycles before they feel completely comfortable.

como poner una copa menstrual


For those with light periods or for the beginning or end of your period, a reusable pantyliner will do the job. You can choose a set of pantyliners made 100% from organic cotton or you can opt for the set with a waterproof lining just to make you feel that little bit more secure.


reusable cotton pantyliners spain

If the menstrual cup hasn’t convinced you and you’re used to using sanitary pads, try one of the reusable pads. There are three different sizes for different flows and times of the day and they all have a waterproof lining to avoid any leakage. They fit onto your underwear with a button and you can wash by hand or in the washing machine. Click here for more info.

 reusable eco friendly menstrual pads

So, although periods are mostly out of our hands, there are still convenient and incredibly affordable ways to deal with them that don’t harm the environment.  

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