Where can you buy soapnuts?

Finally! We have the famous soapnuts for sale. For those living in Barcelona, they can pick them up in our Barcelona pick-up point and this way you avoid shipping fees. 

soapnuts for washing machine

For those that don't know what soapnuts are, they are from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree that grows in Nepal. They are produced organically and their production helps support small family businesses in Nepal. 

When the soapnuts come into contact with water at around 30ºC they make Saponina which can be used as a natural detergent for with numerous uses including clothes or washing machine detergent. 

In the box, you'll receive enough nuts for 60 washes. There is also a little bag in the box and so you have break 3 or 4 nuts into small pieces, put them in the bag which you close and put directly in the machine. These can be used three times before replacing them with fresh soapnuts. You can put the remains into the organic bin or compost them at home. 

Combine the soapnuts with one of our washing machine aroma.


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